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This is a quick guide to how to crossover in basketball

This is a quick guide to how to crossover in basketball

You can deceive your opponent by using the crossover move in basketball to charge towards the basket. This guide will help you to understand the move more clearly. We also provide brief descriptions of different versions of this move.

A crossover is one the most powerful moves to deceive the defender. This move requires a player to be able to use their hand-eye coordination well and to move quickly. Crossover allows you to get past the defender and avoid fouls.

To master this move, it takes a lot practice. The ability to perform a crossover move correctly will earn you valuable points for your team. You will be able to quickly master this move by understanding the subtleties and nuances. Here are some tips and tricks to learn how to crossover in basketball.


To perform the crossover maneuver, dribbling should begin with the ball in your dominant hand. Place the ball in your dominant hand to have greater control and speed.

  • The best part about the crossover is the ability to keep the opponent guessing about your next move.
  • The idea behind initiating crossover moves is simple. It can be described with just three Ds, dribble deceive and drive ahead.

Pay attention to the movements of your opponent while you are maneuvering the basketball. This means that you will need to practice dribbling without paying attention to the ball.

The next step is to trick your opponent. You can deceive your opponent by taking a few steps with the leg that is on the dominant side. While you are dribbling, it is best to continue.

Now, shift your body weight to the side and then throw the ball. This trick will fool your opponent.

There is a correct way to throw a ball. Throw the ball downwards so it bounces between your toes. You should throw the ball in such a way that it creates a V shape as it travels from one side to the other.

Then you might ask why it is necessary to throw the ball in a v-path. Tossing the ball in a v-path allows you to focus on your opponent’s movement and not have to see it. Instead, focus your attention on your opponent’s movements; the ball bounces at an equal distance from your hands. It lands safely in one hand.

You can initiate an action from the point where you suddenly change the direction. This happens in a flash of light (even though the description sounds complex).

The crossover should be initiated with the dominant hand dribble.

Now, we arrive at the final part of our crossover maneuver i.e. drive. The act of driving forward simply means that you move towards the basket. The powerful tool of deception allows you to overcome obstacles (in the form foes) and get towards your goal, i.e. the basketball.

Variations of Crossover Move

There are many ways to maneuver the basketball, including the crossover move. These variations include the killer crossover (double crossover), behind-the back crossover, and many others. You can easily distinguish between these moves by reading the descriptions.

Killer Crossover

This is one of the easiest and most popular moves. This move retains the basic concepts of the crossover move. The key difference between a classic and killer move, is the manner in which the dribble moves from one hand.

The crossover is where the ball is pushed between the legs from one hand to the other. The chances of your opponent intercepting you with the ball are greatly diminished.

Double Crossover

This variation sees the ball being pushed from one side to the other. A reverse action of this is immediately performed. This can cause a lot confusion in your opponent’s mind. You might be deceived and trip over.

Ankle-breaking can be used to refer to a crossover move that causes your opponent’s ankles and legs to break. The ankle-breaker can be a double crossover or a devastating crossover.

Crossover behind the Back

The move is the same as the usual crossover except that the ball is not dribbled infront. To keep the ball out of reach of your opponent, dribble it at the back.

It is important to practice the crossover. Once you feel comfortable with the basic move you can add variations to your game. You must remember to keep your feet on the ground and learn the moves of your opponents in order for you to succeed.

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