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Golf Betting Tips: Expert Betting Strategy

To begin you’ve arrived at the right spot because in Doc’s Sports we have a impressive staff of Golf handicappers who are ready to assist you in turning your hard-earned dollars into real money and help increase your cash flow to fund what is most important the football season.

Golf isn’t just like any other sport you can bet on. In the majority of cases it is a game conducted between two players and the team that has the most points, runs goals and so on. wins. Golf is a sport which includes more than 120 players at any given event. The goal is to score the lowest score during the four rounds remains the same every week, the conditions surrounding the event are different.

Each week, when the PGA Tour makes its stops at different golf courses across the United States, the emphasis on a particular aspect of golf shifts. On one week, at the course of Bethpage Black – driving distance is an important factor and players such as Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson who can drive the ball for miles in a single shot, are the players to keep an eye on. The following week, at the course of Royal Portrush and Royal Portrush, the focus will shift to players who are proficient with their clubs and are able to play in difficult conditions. Since there are a variety of courses on the PGA Tour ventures to a different course every week the characteristics of the event alter on a regular basis, and as do the players who are able to compete.

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Matchups in tournaments are an excellent option to earn money without the need to wait until that your player can beat all 120golfers participating during a tournament. I know that the majority of golf bettors are in this sport to win outright since you can bet head-to head matches in all other sports however the truth of the thing is that you can make a significant proportion of head-to-head winners, and grow your bankroll by doing your homework and trust your intuition.

Head-to-Head Golf Wagering Rules

The rules for head-to head golf betting are fairly easy to follow. The majority of golf betting websites state that in the event of one of them tied at the conclusion of the event, the golf bets are deemed to be in as inactive. If that is the situation, neither do you make or lose money.

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If one golfer is unable to start teeing off before the beginning in round 1, the bet on head-to head matchups between players is deemed to be a no-action. If golfers are able to tee off in round one and one of them withdraws afterward, the bet is active. In this case, those betting on the player who was dropped will forfeit their stakes.

There are a myriad of factors that determine the winner of a head-to-head match, but among the things I consider are past tournament history, current forms and if there’s likely to be some type of weather-related issues during this event.

Head-To-Head Betting Tips: Areas To Really Dig Into

Course History

Like you’d expect, the history of the course is essential when determining whether you prefer or enjoy a bet on head-to-head. There are some players who really love certain courses and others are unable to play because they don’t fit their style, or they have a smaller sized hitter on a course that is longer. Whatever the reason the course’s history should be the first box to check in a head-to head wager. Players who have a track record like Bubba Watson at TPC Highlands (where the course has won three times before) are a great betting option against those who haven’t had a great time at TPC Highlands in past. The course’s history is very beneficial on any course, particularly ones that have annual tournaments on their premises, such as The Masters. Experience on the course is crucial for any golfer who wants to compete since they’ll know which areas to avoid when they make a poor shot, or the best place to drop their ball to ensure that they are in the right position. Tiger Woods excels at Augusta because he is able to see every and every square inch of the course while he sleeping.

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Player Form

The explanation is fairly straightforward. Like baseball, if an athlete is in slumps and is not making contact, it’s likely that his confidence has dipped and it could take some time before he’s making contact. It’s the same about golf. If a golfer isn’t in top form all the way from getting on the fairway to making three-foot-high putts is difficult. Golf is a mental game, it can build confidence or destroyed in just a few minutes.

It is important to know the way a golfer enters the tournament. Are they on a high buzz after a great performance in the past week? Are they finishing strong in Sunday rounds? Do they need to victory or a top 10 finish to be eligible for another tournament later during the year? There are plenty of factors and questions that could be asked to identify the type of mindset golfers are entering the tournament.

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While all that we have to do is think and make educated guesses using statistics and the exam of our eyes, there’s times when golfers simply pop out and everyone looks ridiculous. This happens, and there’s not anything to take action about it.

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