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Fantasy Football Trade Targets: Now is the time to Buy Low

It can be hard to stay involved with the pandemic that forced teams to take their byes weeks before and the slew injuries to many top league players.

The art of the trade can keep your team competitive. A trade in-season can make or break your fantasy season. You must consider which players will be able to explode throughout the rest of the season and which ones have exhausted all their potential.

You never know, you might be 4-0 and sitting on top of your league’s throne looking down at the lowlifes at number 0-4. Perhaps you are 2-2 and you are waiting in the middle to see if you rise to the top of your league’s standings or sink to the bottom of last place. No matter where you are, a trade can make you stand Tennis lessons out from the rest. However, it could also cost you your season.

If you feel lucky, fantasy football trade targets are for you

  • Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos W
  • Jerry Jeudy quickly rose to be Denver’s best receiver. He was a great college recruit.

His low fantasy football trade targets numbers so far this season would not worry me. While he has had to cope with less-than-optimal quarterback performance until Drew Lock returns as a second-year player, he is still a rookie. It’s worth considering buying on the Jerry Jeudy hype train, as I believe he will be an excellent player down the stretch and this is the best deal you can get.

David Montgomery, Chicago Bears RB

In my professional opinion, David Montgomery is an intriguing player. He has not amassed many yards, touchdowns or catches in his two-year professional career. Despite this, I cannot help but wish he was on my team.

He is about as consistent as fantasy football trade targets players can find today. He will give you between 8 and 12 points each week, with occasional higher-scoring games. This might sound a little bit low compared to Christian McCaffreys, but I value consistency more than anything else this year.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles QB

I understand what you are thinking, and Carson Wentz has been a great turnover machine. It’s fair. But Philly seems ready to improve. His early stats for Week 4 were not impressive due to tipped balls, poor receiver play, and an injured offensive line. You can still get him for a very low price!

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