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The 2021 Best “Hockey Elbow Pads”

The hockey elbow pads protect the elbows from direct contact with the puck, boards, sticks, or sticks. Every player will have a different size and fitting of their elbow pads. However, it should not be possible to move during play.

These tiny protective pieces fit right under your shoulder pads and bicep protector. You don’t think about them very often, but trust me, if you do hit your elbow on the frozen ice, your elbow pads won’t be in the right spot, you’ll feel it for several weeks. You can find reviews below that detail everything, including the manufacturer specs, strengths, weaknesses, and overall value for consumers.

To help you achieve peak performance Vans Shoes and keep the bar high, we will be reviewing the top senior hockey elbow pads from every major brand, including CCM, Bauer and Warrior. We will rank the shin pads based on their durability, fit, weight, cost, and cost.

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite – Best Overall Hockey Elbow Pads

Specifications and features:

  • Tapered Fit – The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite hockey elbow pads have a tapered one-piece fit that enhances mobility as well as comfort.
  • Aerolite Technology – The elbow caps on the pads are made of Aerolite 2.0 materials. This proprietary material is light and extremely protective.
  • 37.5 Liners – Created by Bauer, this liner is used in many of their protective products to reduce sweat and odor.
  • Bauer Hockey Elbow Pads


  • Superior Mobility – These Bauer elbow pads are one-piece and increase your mobility when handling the puck.
  • Aerolite Technology – Bauer has incorporated lightweight protection into these elbow pads. They are almost weightless, but they do a great job protecting against any impact.
  • Bicep Protection – The bicep protection is made with Hyperlite Foam Protection and 37.5 Liner Technology for a comfortable fit.

CCM Jetspeed F1 – Most Protective Hockey Elbow pads

Specifications and features:

  • Three-piece Design – CCM offers a three-piece design with the Jetspeed FT1 elbow pads for greater mobility.
  • Molded PE Foam Cap-A molded PE foam cover with JDP technology dissipates energy from impact through the elbow pad away the point of contact.
  • Rocketframe Bicep Protection – CCM uses CCM’s rocket frame composite technology to provide pro-level protection for the bicep

These are the advantages

  • Superior Protection – CCM Jetspeed FT1 hockey elbow pads use composite technology to increase protection and force dissipating foams, while keeping the elbow pads lightweight.
  • Superior Mobility – The combination of the three-piece design and the multi-strap system guarantees a comfortable fit for players who have excellent mobility.
  • CCM uses a closed-cell foam design that absorbs less sweat to keep you cool and your elbows dry.

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